1. Pick your patterns and size

Choose from a wide range of patterns and colors – from solid colored vases with small die-cuts to geometric patterns to many more. Ranging from 6.6” to 11.4” in height, you can play with the different heights for dimension.

2. Get your empty recyclable plastic bottle and cut off the tops

Carefully cut off the top of your recyclable plastic water bottle, or you can use a medium-sized glass and insert it into your paper vases of choice.

3. Fill with water and flowers of your choice

Fill your plastic water bottle or container halfway with water and arrange with flowers. The paper vases are made of waterproof paper, so if the vase is to get wet just simply wait and it will dry on its own.

4. Enjoy them in your space!

Place your colorful vases and floral arrangements around your space and enjoy! These mediterranean inspired vases are the perfect way to brighten up your favorite spot.

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XO, Regina Gust Design

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