Spring (and Easter) is in the air with this very pastel and Easter themed first birthday party! From the colorful balloons to the bunnie, the fresh florals and eggs, every detail was thought through with Spring and Easter in mind. We had a blast putting this party together for our client, and of course the birthday boy, Jayden.

Colorful balloon designs around the front door light poles

Giant balloon “One” in the front yard

Giant balloon carrots, fresh spring flowers and pastel colored balloons throughout the yard

Entry table in the foyer with fresh florals, bunnies and pastel eggs

The grand balloon staircase design

Cute Easter photo-opt area

Cake smash area

It was a pleasure working with our friend Sherry Boudreaux on this party, she knocked the balloon art designs out of the park! All in all, it was the perfect first birthday celebration for the family and birthday boy! 


Event Design: Regina Gust Designs

Balloons: Sherry Boudreaux


XO, Regina Gust Design

Photos of the family:

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