Luxe Holiday Décor for Commercial Properties

Preparing commercial property for the holidays is quite different from decorating a home. Regina Gust Designs has mastered the difference. This design firm combines out-of-the-box thinking with unique products from local artisans.

From studying traffic patterns, entrance and exit points, hours of operation and current lighting, our design experts plan your holiday décor with breath-taking ornaments, decorations and lights to maximize your specific space. We also understand how to address the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce. We’ll help your teams celebrate the holidays in ways that various generations and cultures can embrace. The transformation can take between three hours up to two days, depending on the intricacies of the designs and the current use of the space. Our clients’ satisfaction is guaranteed. Be prepared for your own employees and clients to embrace the holiday spirit.

When the holidays come to a close, Regina Gust Designs carefully takes down the decorations and safely stores them for future use. Our commercial clients are delighted year and year. We’re grateful for the positive feedback and testimonials from our corporate clients.

Visit our commercial holiday portfolio online to see a few of our corporate venues.

Contact us to begin discussing your property’s holiday needs and timeline.

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