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Sale Sucre Valentines Party!

Yesterday, I was decorating a restaurant in the heights, Sale Sucre, for their Valentines party. We brought in some floral arrangements, candles, lanterns, hearts, & decorated the front door.

Here is the front door. We placed 4 bunches of Pussy Willow fanning out in opposite directions, 2 different colored pink ribbon, pink & red plastic hearts, and used ribbon to hang paper mache hearts from the branches. We placed two lanterns on each side of the entrance.

I’m always a fan of “more”, especially when I’m decorating for a party. The light fixtures stand beautifully on their own, but because it’s a party & Valentine’s I wanted to add some flare. I tied 4 ribbons (hot pink, white, red, & light pink) to the top of each fixture and let them hang down. Super simple & really pretty! Ribbon always equals the perfect finishing touch!

Regina Gust

Regina Gust

Regina GustRegina Gust


When you enter the restaurant you a greeted with this wonderful grouping of floral arrangements on one side of the bar and a lantern and a cute jester there to welcome you. The lantern has an unscented candle inside. When decorating for an event you always want to use candles that are unscented. I love to place floral arrangements in groupings of different heights and flowers. I used white hydrangeas with pussy willow in the tallest one, red roses in the middle, and red tulips in the shortest one. Again, I chose to add ribbon to both the lantern & the vases. The lantern I tied the same 4 ribbons around the handle at the top to spice it up. For each vase, I just picked a color and tied one ribbon around the vase (where the water mark was) .

Regina GustFloral arrangement Regina Gust

I hung hearts & and glass votive’s from the ceiling with different colored silk ribbon. I love the combination of the two together. The glass votives will add to ambiance of the room, especially when the candles are lit.

Regina GustRegina Gust

I love to use my lanterns to create a cozy, warm space. I grouped together 3 different lanterns, filled them candles, and added a flare of ribbon for a more “valentines” look. I also wanted a tall vase with floating candles in the mix to create a soft atmosphere.  If you want your candle to burn for a long period of time, make sure you buy the ones that last longer. Typically, the tag will say 6 hrs., 8hrs., etc

Regina GustRegina Gust

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope your day is filled with love, happiness, and lots & lots of treats!

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Getting Creative with Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars make accessorizing easy and fun! With Valentine’s right around the corner, why not add some love to those jars? Whether it be candy and hearts or candles and flowers, apothecary jars add the perfect touch to your Valentine’s display!

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Check out this beautiful contemporary valentines arrangement!

Check out this beautiful contemporary valentines arrangement!! The combination of pink Stock, pink Tulips, red Anemones, pink Hyacinth, & pink Coxcomb really make for a stunning piece! Not only looks good but smells so fresh!! #valentines #DIY #floral #love #makesomeonesmile #brightenupyourroom #reginagust #pink #red (at Regina Gust Designs)

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Add a little LOVE to your front door!

When transitioning from your Christmas décor to your Valentines décor why not make it easier on yourself? Take everything you have down, BUT leave your foundation and lights! Especially if the lights are white. Personally, we like to use LED lights, it gives a brighter look, uses less energy, and they last longer.

            Since it’s Valentines we decided to add some red lights to our project. The bulbs we are using are on the larger side, so we’ll put them on before we attach all of our décor.

TIP: When attaching lights/décor we like to use floral wire. You can find floral wire at any floral shop, craft store, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.  We find that floral wire holds better, plus, it’s easier to detach when you’re ready to takedown. 

TIP: When attaching lights with larger bulbs, add the cord first then attach the lights once the cord is firmly on base. It’s easier to maneuver the cord and prevents breaking the bulb. 

After our lights, we added some blooming branches and some pink-flocked garland (this will end up looking featherlike) to fill in some of the spaces and to add a thicker foundation.

From here, we chose 3 different ribbons to make arrangements that we placed throughout our foundation. We needed a different texture to work with. You can make as many as you’d like. We tend to add two on the bottom (left and right) and two to the top (left and right).

            HOW: First, grab 3 ribbons of your liking. Second, with each ribbon make one loop by folding one end over, making about a 5-inch loop. Make sure your tail end is long enough to drape. Third, place all three ribbons together and tie a wire around to secure in place. Finally, place your arrangement wherever you choose. Use a wire to tie the arrangement to your foundation.

            Next, we started to add all of our artificial flowers. The key here is to place in spots that seem more open. Here is a list of all the flowers we used:

–       Red Amaryllis: we grouped together for a more concentrated color and texture

–       Red Roses: we picked overly large roses that didn’t look flat

–       Red frosted Roses

–       Frosted pink Tulips

–       White/pink hydrangeas

–       Frosted red Hellebores

* Keep in mind that you can buy artificial flowers that are not frosted. We chose frosted flowers because it adds dimension and interest to the mix.

NOTE: We purposely left a few open spaces specifically for accessories. When adding accessories you don’t want it to cover parts that you’ve already done.

From there, we added some eye-catching ribbon. This isn’t always necessary, but we thought this red & white-checkered ribbon added some flavor. 

And last but certainly not least, it’s accessory time!  It isn’t Valentines without hearts and cherubs! We added large pink and red plastic hearts, smaller red sequined hearts, and two adorable cherubs. We placed the two cherubs in the open spaces and then placed the hearts all over the piece. We tied a few into the base and let others hang off the branches. We also added a few pink rose balls to the top. We let them hang off a few branches as well. We thought that they looked a little plain hanging by themselves, so we decided to add some beautiful heart shaped ribbon around the ball to give it some flavor. 


And WAH LA we are DONE! For an instructional video go to our youtube page. 

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Table Top Design

I’d like to extend a special invitation for you to join me at the annual Deck the Tables event held at the Houston Design Center.  We used fresh floral to create our tablescape which turned out beautifully.  I hope you’ll come by to see what we are doing with fresh floral – it is the newest facet in the Regina Gust Designs’ repertoire. The Deck the Tables celebration is tomorrow evening from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.  Hope to see you there!

If you have a conflict tomorrow evening, you can still stop by the Design Center Tuesday, December 3 through Friday, December 6 from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm to see all of the fabulous table top creations by Houston Designers.  There is also a luncheon tomorrow, Tuesday, December 3 from 11:00 -2:00.

I’m extremely excited about our Regina Gust table top design and hope you’ll be able to stop by to see it in person.  You’ll definitely be “fresh floral” inspired for your next dinner party or special event.  Please join me!

Regina ~

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Trees of Hope Gala!

Last Friday, Regina donated and decorated a tree for the Tree of Hope Gala at River Oaks Country Club. With the help of one of her best designers, Francisco, they decorated a beautiful winter wonderland tree!

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